Label: Young Money, Cash Money,Universal Republic

A$AP Yams: That’s probably the wildcard of the list right now. I’m probably going to catch slack over that. But Drake Take Care. It’s such a well put-together album, way better than the first one. Everything flows so well on that album. I think it was dope that he had like Kendrick on the skit, you know and Abel on interludes and shit like that, like he really put all his thoughts into that album perfectly.

“On top of that, you know, we’re inspired by the same thing. You know what I’m saying, the whole Houston shit. You could really sense that more in the album than the first album. On top of that, motherfuckers, I could see that motherfucker take Drake and shit, you know what I’m saying? They can rate him at times, but like, that actually came out right when we popped off. I swear to god, everything on that album, motherfuckers could relate. Every fucking thing. Like, I get it. Like it makes sense. A lot of that shit on that album really hit home. On top of that, I knew every fucking lyric after that tour and shit.”