Label: Diplomat/Koch

A$AP Yams: “What’s dope about Jim, is Jim was working with motherfuckers that a lot of motherfuckers wasn’t working with, just like us. He was the first motherfucking to fuck with—he threw Bun B on his album at a time when people still really didn’t appreciate the whole UGK collection, their whole discography. He had Bun B, he had fucking Bizzy Bone on his album, and I think I read somewhere his main influence is Eazy-E and Bone Thugs. That’s the same as us.

“On top of that, Jim was really the first one that was really going down bottom with it. He was playing music from other regions. He remade ‘Certified Gangstas.’ He was playing with music from other regions, and he catching people flat-footed, just like we did. But he was cashing out on that motherfucker, and he made it sound good, cause he knew what the fuck he was doing. That album was the most slept on Dipset album to me. It was just a good body of work. Great body of work, from the beats to the features. Everything made sense on that album.”