Label: AftermathInterscopeShady

A$AP Yams: “Man, what can I say? I was so happy when that shit dropped. I was so happy. I was so happy just to see 50 winning, cause I was a 50 fan way before that. I listened to the Whoo Kid tapes. I was going to the Harlem Music Cut–that was a little spot uptown that sold mixtapes and shit, that supplied mixtapes. That shit was the shit back in the day.

“I was just fucking tired of Ja Rule breh like. No offense to Ja Rule. Much respect to him—that nigga’s very experienced, very good, but back then? At 12, I did not fucking like Ja Rule breh. That shit was terrible. I was like, ‘Aw, this shit’s got to stop.’I wasn’t even a fan of Nelly either. I was definitely in KRS-One’s corner when that whole shit went down. Like for real breh.

“Then when 50 dropped, I was like, ‘Thank god, this shit’s really about to change.’ I remember I couldn’t even get the album when it first dropped. That shit took me a good three weeks to find it, cause that shit was sold out everywhere. I was trying to get the one with the DVD and all that. I think it was a blizzard the day that shit dropped too. That shit, I couldn’t even find that motherfucker.

“50 just definitely made one of the biggest impacts, and he was the one of the only artists to have a record label where everybody, everybody was exceptional for that time. Like everybody got a plaque off that shit. Ain’t nobody was a shy kid. Yayo got his. For him to do that, that was a big look right there.”

“They was good albums, but I couldn’t say they were classics. I haven’t listened to Lloyd Banks in fucking five years breh. But it was good for that era though, it was definitely good for that era though.”