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A$AP Yams: "That mixape was the one that really set Gucc right. He was the comeback kid after that mixtape. Like everybody thought he died from the whole Young Jeezy shit, he dropped that mixtape and he had not everybody, but a certain select few like, ‘Yo, Gucci back on his shit.’ All my homies in the midwest and south at that time, all they listened to was Gucci Mane, Chicken Talk.

“At first, I was a hardcore Jeezy fan. I was always up during that whole shit like, ‘Nah, fuck that. ‘Stay Strapped,’ what’s up?’ Until I heard Gucci Mane Chicken Talk I was like, ‘Okay, nah mean? He’s back on his shit.’ After that, that was the first time him and Zeytoven really working together, and they built their whole sound off a two disc project.”