Label: Terror Squad/Loud Records

A$AP Yams:Capital Punishment, aw man. I swear, that shit, I’ma come clean like. I’ma come so clean, I had never told nobody this shit. When Pun dropped, I’ma come clean, I’m half-Dominican and Puerto Rican. When Pun dropped, I was so proud to be Puerto Rican, I ain’t even tell motherfuckers that I was Domincan. I would just come up, ‘Yeah, I’m full Puerto Rican. For real, for real.’

“What made Pun so ill was, I don’t give a fuck about what nobody say, every Pun record—this was 98, so everybody was on a record with each other—every Pun song, he shitted on everybody! Every great you could think of. Every great. Nah saying? Nas, Jada—he bodied everybody. He bodied everybody on records. This is just personal opinion. I ain’t going nah mean, not trying to rattle the cage or nothing like that, but had Pun been on a track with Jay and Big, I put my money on Pun.

“He definitely like wanted to get his point across. I’m not saying, people have twisted it sometimes—I’m not saying that Pun would’ve gotten as big. Motherfuckers try and move that side of me, like, ‘Hold up. Nah, you’re wylin’ right now.’ Pun was not fucking with Big. I’m not talking about who was fucking with who. I was just saying, Pun would’ve got big on the record. I’m just saying that.”