Album: Lord$ Never Worry
Label: Polo GroundsRCA
Producer: P On The Boards

A$AP Rocky: “I fuck with Flatbush Zombies. I handed them the torch. I can’t be in New York all the time. I gotta be in certain other places. There’s gotta be someone to hold it down. The issue is, when people get in my position, and they don’t know how to show no love. It took people to show me love to get where I’m at. 

“This don’t belong to me. This shit was here before me, and this shit will be here after I’m gone. It’s music. Niggas be so scared. That’s 'cause they ain’t got shit, man. They don’t show no love amongst the hip-hop community, they ain’t gonna get no love. Not only that, but it’s not that serious. It’s just music, man. People be jealous and shit in this industry. Like females. It’s kind of depressing. It’s like you hating, if you ask me.

“If it wasn’t for Drake co-signing me when he did, I wouldn’t be on tour with him. Who’s to say I would be this far? I’m not saying Drake is the reason why anything happened, but who’s to say he’s not? Like, show some love man. It don’t hurt. I don’t mind. At the end of the day, I think those kids are talented, and that’s why I back them up.”