Album: Stone Cold Rhymin'
Label: Delicious Vinyl
Producer: Dust Brothers

Six hours and change south of Oakland Coliseum, where MC Hammer once worked as a batboy, Queens transplant Marvin Young was a student at USC in Los Angeles when he met Matt Dike and Mike Ross, who ran Delicious Vinyl; soon he was ghostwriting Tone-Loc's "Wild Thing" and going solo as Young MC.

This album cut from Stone Cold Rhymin' has more status in England than America-its pairing of the wah-wah guitar from Isaac Hayes' "Theme From Shaft" and the Bongo Band's break is clean and ingenious, and from the opening lines, "Some of the busiest rhymes ever made by man/Are going into this mike, written by this hand," Young's rapid-fire cadence keeps up with Errisson's percussion, rather than simply riding atop it. Try that, Soulja Boy.