Album: N/A
Label: EMI
Producer: N/A

If the Shadows/Ingmann's "Apache" were chart hits in their time and the Incredible Bongo Band's a viral hit in years to come, this version waited three decades for its moment in the sun. Like the Bongo Band's, it took a technological innovation to bring it fully to life: dual-turntable DJ-cutting in the Bongo Band's case, YouTube in Seebach's.

Like Ingmann, Tommy Seebach was a Danish Eurovision Song Contest winner-three times in Seebach's case, in 1979, 1981, and 1993. Where Ingmann's "Apache" gave it a spare gravitas, Seebach made a goofier funk-disco variation than the Bongo Band's "Bongo Rock." But it's the even sillier video, featuring Seebach and his band performing on a hillside, with scantily-clad women cooing over the grinning bandleader, that set YouTube on Fire, particularly after Bill Simmons' column mentioned it in 2008.