Ah yes, the artist's foray into another genre or style all for their love for said genre or style. In this case, it was the duo of Kid Cudi and producer/longtime collaborator Dot Da Genius, who together operated under the name WZRD and released a self-titled album. Much of the hard feelings for this project were steeped in the fact that, well, people wanted to hear Cudder rap and not embrace a straight-up rocker croon. But let's be honest, who wasn't prepared for something like this from dude?

He successfully flirted with smoked-out rock-leaning joints (no pun) on previous album cuts like "Mr. Rager," "REVOFEV," and "Up Up & Away." And those tracks are what gave way to WZRD and Cudi fully embracing his raspy, throaty singing style more than ever before. Truth be told, he embarked on one of the better modern "artistic experiments" with this album. "Teleport 2 Me, Jamie," in particular, still has legs.

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