For most, sequel is a dirty word. Whether it's a movie or an album, you can more often than not file the follow-up under "massive disappointment." As such, we (that's the universal we) are overwhelmingly harsh on sequels, like Jay-Z's second Blueprint album. It didn't help its own case when Jay-Z released the thing as a double album, either, as more than one disc is a sure-fire sign of fluff. Hell, Hov must have known what he was doing giving the album the subtitle of "The Gift & The Curse."

While it's certainly not worthy of classic status by any means, it's got plenty of certified jams on it. "Excuse Me Miss"? Check. "'03 Bonnie & Clyde"? Check. That goddamn fight-someone-in-the-parking-lot "U Don't Know" remix by Just Blaze? Check. We could go on and on


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