Blink-182's self-titled LP was supposed to be their last. They, of course, made a proper comeback last year with Neighborhoods to the delight of pop-punk kids (and adults) everywhere. And back in 2003, expectations were different for the three-piece. You see, this was two years after the release of their No.1, platinum-selling Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. This was also after they had only merely flirted with more serious themes.

With Blink-182 the trio embraced their more melancholy sides and then some on tracks like "I Miss You," "I'm Lost Without You," andthe Robert Smith-featured "All of This." There were still some poppier cuts, including "Feeling This" and "Go" especially. But as it always goes, when you build a fanbase with one sound and suddenly jump to something different, you're bound to gain some haters.

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