Last month, we put together a list of 50 albums that were unfairly hated on. We also heard your feedback, took it into consideration, and rounded up 40 more albums that have fallen victim to the same unjust contempt.

Many of the records in the following pages are of the "hindsight is 20/20" variety, meaning that the overwhelmingly negative reactions they received were steeped in feelings at a very specific time. Additionally, some of those were lumped into the sophomore slump crowd because the artist or band couldn't live up to enormous (and unrealistic) expectations following their debut. Others just got strong doses of vitriol for branching out and experimenting.

To make this as clear as possible, we're not saying these 40 albums are classics or anywhere near perfect. But they are still worth your time and not worthy of the disses they've received over the years. In no particular, here are 40 More Albums That Were Unfairly Hated On.

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