Album: American Gangster
Producer: The Neptunes
Label: Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam Records

"This is about lust," Hov pledges on "I Know," and so too will you when this record pops up at the next house party you attend. From the rousing drums and frenzied melody courtesy of the Neptunes, this track unlocks a sensual vibe that will immediately have you grinding on the closest undergrad in sight. Never mind that your girlfriend made a commitment to run the Susan G. Komen 5K on Saturday morning and decided to call it an early night; your current mission is to fulfill your desires before you come down from this libidinous high.

"I'm never around, you constantly seek it/You'll never be down, I know where your peek is." Truer words were never spoken to a Friday night fling. Just remember to delete the text messages before your girl crosses the finish line.