Cheating on your girl is never a good thing, but when the relationship drama gets too heavy, a little liquor starts flowing, and you hear Biggie telling you to throw your hands in the air like a true player, it happens.

Rappers and singers alike have the ability to strike emotions and turn a little yearning for a fresh face to full-blown thirst for any type of strange. Blasting Lil Wayne's “I’m Single” can turn that little fight with your girl into a feeling that you truly are single for the night.

Many songs rally around notions of hooking up or living for the moment, but we've chosen 25 songs that turn on that specific desire to cheat. These tracks make you want to call that jump-off from work or force you up on that cutie at the bar. From Dipset bangers to that time 2Pac showed us how to get around, here are 25 Songs That Make You Want To Cheat On Your Girl.

Written by Ben Chesna (@bmched) and Edwin Ortiz (@iTunesEra)

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