The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" in Cruel Intentions

Film Released: 1999

By the time Cruel Intentions is coming to a close, nothing short of a main character's resurrection from the dead looks like it can deliver on a happy ending. And then, the first chords of The Verve's seething, angry, chamber-pop megasmash kick in: This is going somewhere, you realize.

By the time the credits start to roll and the full denouement is over-and a character leaves a movie in what is, quite possibly, the coolest way possible (by figuratively burning everyone she hates to the ground in the name of the guy who finally won her love against all odds, and driving off in one of the sickest rides in the universe)-one undeniable fact remains: You will never, ever hear this song the same way again. Which is to say: Without feeling like this.