Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in Risky Business

Film Released: 1983

Remember Tom Cruise, the one who was nothing if not charming? No? If anything serves to resurface the memory of who he was before the religion, before the wives, before the tabloids, and even before Magnolia, it's the iconic vision of young Tom Cruise sliding across a suburban Chicago floor in socks, underwear, a white button down, and Wayfarers, waiting to hear from his colleges as his parents are out of town, but finally letting loose for what may be the first time in years, as Seger's piano notes pounded over the scene.

Men, women, young or old: People of all stripes have, if not having reenacted this scene, at least thought about it. And without Seger's timeless rock classic providing the sonic quality, the world may not have ever been able to remember a Tom Cruise they can actually relate to. Lucky for all of us.