Going home for the holidays? Staying in? Whether you're with friends, or with your family, or riding out the upcoming days off stag, we don't have a list of films for you to watch that have anything to do with those holidays. That ain't really our shit.

We do have are a list of films with moments that speak to our love of music, and the way it can transform a single image into a projection forever implanted on the inside of your head, one that—unlike a music video, say—has a story to it as well.

These music-assisted scenes aren't all of the very best, and this isn't a comprehensive list, either. But they're ones we constantly talk about, and return to, whenever we get a chance—like, for example, this weekend—as often as we possibly can. These are the moments that changed the way we heard these songs, but also, the songs that made these movies what they were.

These are, quite simply, 25 Awesome Music Moments in Movie History.

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