Let's get a few things straight. All the songs included on this list are great—hence the second word in the title. These are 100% certified classics, the kind of records revered by hip-hop worldwide.

We are neither deprecating nor defecating on these songs in any way, shape, or form. What we are doing, however, is making a case to let them be. Put them in the hall of fame. Hang their jerseys in the rafters, if you will. Not because we don't like these songs. But because too many hip-hop heads don't know how to act when these records come on.

We're talking about the people who start running around with little rap nerd boners. They gesticulate wildly, like, "Look at me, this is my jam!" They form little cyphers in the middle of the floor and lip synch the words, or worse, rap them out loud. It's like they need the world to know just how much they love these records, and they just can't seem to curb their enthusiasm.

Frankly, this behavior breaks the vibe and messes up the party. Let's save these songs for a special hip-hop head night. Until then, please chill out when you hear them.

Written by Rob Kenner (@boomshots)

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