Ty Dolla $ign: “[D.R.U.G.$.] is a group of guys. It’s me, my homeboy Chordz 3D, and my homeboy G Casso. We’re the founders of it. G Casso, R.I.P., some dude killed him or whatever and shit. Now, we got new members. We got my homeboy Nate 3D. Really on Beach House it’s me and Nate 3D. Then my homeboy Buddah [Shampoo]. My other homeboy Fuego, he’s also on there, and DJ Mustard. And DJ Dahi, he did ‘My Type Of Party’ for Dom Kennedy.

We got a whole army of dudes with each of us coming with our own sound. It’s crazy. We all just get together and produce sometimes, or separate. We all just took the name D.R.U.G.$. and now we’re spreading D.R.U.G.$. all over the land. [Laughs.]

“There’s not a particular method to production, it just depends on the day. Cats might come over or whatever and we might work together. Or say Fuego, like as far as "Diggin" on [Beach House], Fuego came up with this little melody. It was a really crazy sound, and then I took that and I sampled it and made the whole beat. Then I gave it back to him and he added some more little sweeps in Logic. And that’s like D.R.U.G.$. That’s how we do it.

“I rarely write shit down. On most of the those songs I record them either at my studio in Hollywood or at my house. Most of them at my house, that’s how I like to record. I’m at the crib, just wake up and start recording, just go in off the top of the head. That’s how I come up with songs, and whoever's in the room, I’ll ask them, ‘What should I say, what does this beat make you feel like?’ They’ll say something and I’ll just come up with the whole song.

“I know I’m talking that ratchet shit but really what ratchet music is right now is so simple, just anybody can do it. With these new beats, you don’t really have to know how to do music or play any instruments. You can just get a laptop and press a few buttons and you’ll have a beat. Then everybody thinks they’re banging.

“With my music I want to show off real music. That shit matters to me. Real melody and bass, guitar and keys. I got to add all that shit or else I’m just not comfortable. A lot of people tell me, ‘You should make it more simple. You don’t need all that.’ No, I need all that, ‘cause I know there is people out there that need that. That’s why I listen to a lot of rock music. I feel like they’re the best right now. They have the craziest melodies as far as singing and as far as music. The changes and everything. I just like good music.”