Travi$ Scott: “I had a beat that Kanye liked so I brought it to him. He heard that beat, but when I got there, we talked nothing about that beat. That’s when I met Lifted, the dude who started ‘Mercy.’

“We were in the same room and he’s like ‘Yo what’s up, I’m Lifted.’ I’m like ‘What’s up?’ He’s like, ‘I made this shit called ‘Lamborghini Mercy.’ This was when like ‘Theraflu’ was cracking. He played me ‘Mercy’ but it sounded like nothing how it came out at the end of the day. I was just around for that whole shit.

“I was around for [the creation] of all the Cruel Summer records. [I have credits on] ‘To The World,’ ‘In The Morning,’ And I did some programming on the ‘Don’t Like’ remix. It was an experience. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like no other artist or no other label anyone ever goes through. If you want to be an artist, it’s like, ‘I’m going to teach you how to make a song today.’

“I’m was nervous, like, ‘If I play something, will he like it? Should I rap in front of this nigga? How can I rap in front of this nigga?’ Like, I look up to this nigga. Kanye knows what he’s doing man. This nigga’s a genius. Sitting next to him making these decisions is like ill.

“Niggas diss you, they see who you on, and they back on your dick. [Laughs.] It’s like crazy man! I was talking to my dad the other day, I was like, ‘Man dad, you wasn’t fucking with me but you see me fucking with Kanye and you’re just hyped with me.’

“My dad was on the phone like, ‘Son! You did so much! I’m so proud of you!’ I was like, ‘Yo dad, you just told me I wasn’t about to do shit!’ Like, if I wasn’t where I am right now, what kind of conversation would I be having with my dad right now? I be thinking about that shit every day man.”