Macklemore: “First of all, in terms of the next project, I think Ryan and I will do an EP that we’ll hopefully have out in spring of 2013. In terms of long term goals, I want to continue to make music and music for a living. That’s always been my goal. Now that I am here, I want to continue that and have a long career in terms of making art.

“Not just only making music. I would love to do something more on starting a label side. Helping other artists out. Writing for people. I think Ryan and I are going to be potentially working with an artist who is featured on our song, “Can’t Hold Us,” his name is Ray Dalton. I think that we are going to work with him putting out his next EP. So really starting to develop other people as well because it’s much greater than just myself.

“There’s so many people who are extremely talented that just don’t have the right resources behind them here in Seattle and really anywhere. You have people with great skill level and one thing but have no idea how to brand themselves or have no idea what the packaging should look like. All these different things artists get wrong like the aesthetics. I think Ryan and I have been successful with that and are both passionate about doing that. So that would be something I’m looking forward to the future. But just continuing to make art that’s respected. That’s conveys something to the listener and people get something from it."