Macklemore: “Big Sean was real cool. I never met him before. I went back after he finished [his Bumbershoot set] and he showed respect. He was like, ‘Man, I love the visuals. You guys are killin’ it.’ So he was familiar with the music. I have a lot of respect for that guy as an artist. Actually, he’s on the CD player right now.

“I think he’s real dope. I’ve watched him in the last couple years come up and really grind. He’s somebody like I think a lot of people get co-signed and kind of sit on the bench. And Sean wasn’t having that with Kanye. And he really worked for himself outside of his co-sign. You can get co-signed and immediately people start checking for you, but if the label’s not putting out your shit, you have to do it yourself. I think that Sean really did it himself.

“I got a lot of respect for that guy. He was real humble. There’s a lot of people that you meet that you can immediately tell that they don’t give a fuck or they think they’re the shit and don’t care about you. Or they have heard of you and don’t say anything. He was definitely showing love. He’s just a good person."