The Pacific Northwest is very familiar with Macklemore. He's spent years building a fan base in Seattle. Alongside DJ and music director Ryan Lewis, the pair has established themselves as the faces of Seattle’s hip-hop scene. Their DIY-driven music has gone national thanks to a tireless work ethic and co-signs from rap stars like Mac Miller, Big Sean and Schoolboy Q.

Macklemore—real name Ben Haggerty—is about to add one more accomplishment to his resume with the release of his official debut, The Heist. After building an initial buzz with 2009’s The vs. EP, the 29-year-old has plenty of new experiences to share three years later.

Two successful singles have set the stage for The Heist—“Same Love” which addresses homophobia in hip-hop and his bargain hunting anthem, “Thrift Shop.” A slew of previous releases made the album too, including “Make The Money” and “Wings.”

Early this morning, Macklemore announced that The Heist hit No.1 on iTunes. "WE FUCKING DID IT!!!!!!" he tweeted.

Knowing something like this would happen, we recently decided to find out Who Is Macklemore? He told us about his early days in the group Elevated Elements, learning to rap, his thoughts on Seattle's hip-hop scene, meeting Big Sean, and much more.

As told to Eric Diep (@E_Diep)