Action Bronson definitely likes to keep things fresh for his fans during live shows. We've seen him hop into the crowd, make his way through a private party then go inside a house to grab a snack, throw a girl up on his shoulders, and walk backstage, all while continuing to perform his raps. But this video of him rapping from inside a Porta Potty at this past weekend's Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis/St. Paul takes the cake.

In the footage above, we hear Bronson rapping his Dr. Lecter album cut "Larry Csonka" as a scattered crowd gathers around him while he is inside a Porta Potty located against the back wall of Midway Stadium. He briefly pauses, and says, "I'm taking a piss, hold on," then opens the door, and continues rapping the song as he walks back towards the stage. Amazing.

This is not the first time he has taken a piss break during a performance. He was also caught on tape in the UK earlier this year rapping from inside a club bathroom while urinating.

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