Produced By: THC

Kendrick Lamar: “On ‘Collect Calls’ I’m speaking from the standpoint of hearing my uncles or my homeboys, always trying to break through the line and get their mother or get their grandmother to take the block off the line. Always saying that it’ll be their last time going up in there.

“So I’m speaking from that standpoint of what I know, being behind the walls. Experiences of my people coming up. Yeah I picked up [a few collect calls]. I got in trouble like a motherfucker too. [Laughs.]”

MixedByAli: “It’s crazy how Kendrick works, because he just had the 12 songs and it was like the story he was telling, it fit, but it didn’t for that time period. It’s like, ‘OK, this song couldn’t go there because that is what happened this time.’”

Punch: “‘Collect Calls’ could’ve easily been in the actual sequence of the basic album, but those other songs that fit in a little better. But what’s being said on ‘Collect Calls’ is such an amazing part to m.A.A.d city that we had to keep it regardless.”

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