The First Thing I Bought When I Got Rich is a recurring feature in which today's most popular artists open up about the big purchases they made immediately following early success. 

Oh god! Big Sean is having an unstoppable year. Following a huge feature on Justin Bieber's single "As Long as You Love Me," and killer verses on G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer, it seems like Sean Don is definitely living up to the title of his debut album, Finally Famous

Running with Kanye certainly teaches you a thing or two about expensive fashion, but the 24-year-old rapper from Detroit also has an impressive style history of his own, and one thing he's big on is accessories. We caught up with Sean in Atlantic City to talk about jewelry and his first big purchase after the money started rolling in. 

What was the first thing you bought when you got rich?
I don't know what you classify as rich? I still don't think I'm rich, but when I started getting a little bit more money, I bought a ring. A Rolex ring. It was all gold. Kind of like something you'd see on 2Pac back in the day. I had it recreated, and then made it a little bit bigger and put diamonds in it. It was my favorite.

How much did it cost?
That ring? Not that much. People were quoting it for like $30,000. It wasn't $30,000 but it was a pretty nice amount. People think it was $30,000 but it was probably like half that.

When did you buy it?
It was like a few years ago.

Where did you buy it?
I copped it in Detroit. My homie, Sean the jeweler, from Diamond Island. That's the dog right there. 

What are you doing with it now?
I gave it to Justin Bieber, man. That's no homo, pause, and all that. But I gave it to Justin Bieber because he would always admire it. When I went to the studio with him, he was like "Man, that ring is fresh!"

A lot of people may got shit to say about Justin Bieber, this-and-that, or whatever. He was broke as hell. His family was broke as hell. He couldn't get a deal, got his one shot, started taking over, and made something out of nothing. If you don't respect that, than you just a bitch ass nigga.

I got much love for him, man. Straight up. I'm a real dude. That song ("As Long as You Love Me") did so much [for my career] and really introduced me to another type of world. I would hear myself on pop radio and that's something I wasn't too much on. So that's the homie for life. He ain't got nothing but love for me, my whole movement and my whole gang, so I gave him that. 

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