Sample: Ballinjack “Found a Child” (1970)
Album: Stone Cold Rhymin’
Producer: Matt Dike and Michael Ross
Label: Delicious Vinyl

Just about every single that LA rap label Delicious Vinyl dropped in its late ‘80s heyday had a familiar, white folks-friendly rock element to it and, like their East Coast Godfather Rick Rubin before them, label head/producers Matt Dike and Michael Ross scored hit after hit with the formula. Dike and Ross catapulted Tone Loc to temporary pop stardom with some Van Halen (“Jamie’s Crying”) on “Wild Thing” and some Stones (“Honky Tonk Women”) on “Funky Cold Medina.” They took the rock route too (though perhaps funk rock would be a more apt descriptor) with “Bust A Move” by Young MC, the author of Loc’s twin hits. But the primary sample, “Found a Child” by Seattle’s Ballin’jack, while less recognizable, proved to be just as effective, crossing over to pop radio and winning the otherwise hitless Young the second-ever rap Grammy. “Never Let Em Say,” another track from the same album by Ballin’jack, whose members would go on to join Santana and War, can be heard in Gang Starr’s “Step Into the Arena” and Double X Posse’s “Not Gonna Be Able to Do It.” Ballin'.