Sample: Slayer “Angel of Death” (1986)
Album: It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Producer: The Bomb Squad
Label: Def Jam/Columbia

Rick Rubin’s first move after branching out from Def Jam and forming his new, rock-focused label Def American, was signing Slayer and producing their landmark 1986 speed metal album Reign in Blood. Two years later, another of his discoveries, Public Enemy—Rubin had convinced Chuck D. to pursue a career in rapping after becoming infatuated with “Public Enemy No. 1,” a track he’d originally made as a promo for his college radio station at Long Island's Adelphi University—used Reign in Blood’s best song, “Angel Of Death” as the musical foundation for “She Watch Channel Zero,” a noisy (and ironic considering the involvement of future junk TV hall of famer Flavor Flav) takedown of schlocky TV.