Sample: Queen “We are the Champions” (1977)
Album: Paid in Full Soundtrack
Producer: Kanye West
Label: Roc-A-Fella Records

Queen released "We Will Rock You" and "We are the Champions" together as a single in 1977, and the two songs are typically played back-to-back on classic rock radio stations—alll of which seem to still play the combo every hour on the hour, 35 years after their release. The distinctive stomp-stomp-clap drum pattern from “We Will Rock You”—the apotheosis of arena rock and the stadium-rattling jock jam—has been borrowed by everyone from Eminem (on “Till I Collapse”) to the Roots (on “Rock You”), though typically producers have opted to recreate the beat rather than shell out a hefty sum for sample clearance (Ice Cube’s “When Will They Shoot,” from ‘92’s The Predator, being one exception). For "Champions," the opening track on the soundtrack to Paid in Full (Some versions of the LP also refer to the release as "Dame Dash Presents Dream Team"), a young Kanye West took the road less traveled and sampled “We Are The Champions,” the somber, ruminative antithesis to “We Will Rock You.” The track happens to be the second-ever appearance by Kanye as a featured MC (the first being Abstract Mindstate's "Welcome 2 Chicago"). As Dame Dash notes in the intro: "That's my motherfuckin producer...he rap better than most rappers." You don't say. More recently, Drumma Boy revived the "We Are the Champions" sample for Wiz Khalifa, Trae and Big Sean’s mixtape-only “Phone Numbers.”