Sample: Manfred Mann “Do WahDiddyDiddy”(1964)
Album: Move Somthin’
Producer: 2 Live Crew
Label: Luke Records

Originally recorded by little-known American band The Exciters in 1963, "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" became a massive international hit for British mod rockers Manfred Mann one year later in 1964, but it took on a second life after it was prominently featured in the 1981 Bill Murray military comedy Stripes, becoming a popular marching cadence in the real life U.S. military. That's likely where Miami Bass pioneers 2 Live Crew, whose founding members Brother Marquis, Fresh Kid Ice and Mr. Mixx met while stationed at a Riverside, California Air Force base in the mid '80s (Luther Campbell wouldn't join the group until their relocation to Miami in 1987), gained the inspiration for their version of "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" which, naturally, replaced the coy lyricism of the original with X-rated stories and ignorant schoolyard humor.