If sharing is caring, then consider rappers to be the most thoughtful people around. Crew albums are a chance for those rappers to showcase each member of their team, while drafting off the leader's established success. Crews are nothing new, but they're definitely bigger than ever—certainly in terms of member numbers—with A$AP, Odd Future, G.O.O.D., MMG and YMCMB all making a tremendous impact in hip-hop today.

As a rule, we define a group as an established faction with one collective voice, like the Clipse. A crew is a collection of solo artists or groups with a similar affiliation, like Star Trak. Therefore, we can't include Slaughterhouse, or other supergroups like The Firm and Westside Connection. Rap crews are like sports teams: Some are stocked with all-star players, and some just need to play their position. So squad up with Complex as we explore The 25 Best Crew Albums in Hip-Hop History.

Written by Eric and Jeff Rosenthal (@itsthereal)

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