Age: 20
Essential Listening: Macadellic
If You Don't Believe Us Listen To: "Loud"

Mac Miller is easily the strangest case on this list. After scoring a No. 1 album last year, he’s become one of the most successful independent rappers ever. And he’s got a gang of fans who not only swear by him, but look, dress, and act like him. (“I can spot a Mac Miller fan because they look like they watched one of my videos and went clothes shopping,” says Mac.)

On the other hand, he’s hated on by everyone from the critics at Pitchfork (who gave his album an abysmal 1.0) to fellow rappers like Danny Brown and blog commenters everywhere. But the truth is, no one would hate on Mac so much if he wasn’t so damn successful. Or white.

We’ll chalk it up to the “penalty of leadership” and remind everyone that Mac is, in fact, a perfectly decent rapper. He's not going anywhere, either.

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