The Deweezy Project, an interactive, fan-fueled media experience sponsored by Mountain Dew and the action sports youth development agency Stoked, has reached its final phase. Today, the completed version of its 30 second spot, featuring the talents of everyone's favorite rapper-cum-skater, Lil Wayne, will be unveiled to the world. The commercial, which was conceived entirely from the creative contributions and voting of participating fans, has gone through a number of phases on its path to completion.

It began with users adding their own ideas and inspirations through photos and messages, after which they had the chance to vote on their favorite choice for a fan-inspired theme. Fans were then invited to add their own voice and ideas for the script prior to the commercial's shoot. Once filming was completed, the project posted several different cuts of the commercial for fans to choose from through online voting. The voting phase has ended, and the official Deweezy spot is now being unveiled to the world, featuring Lil Wayne sharing his thoughts on rappin' and skatin', all whilst never hatin'.

The Deweezy Project was an incredibly unique creative collaboration, so be sure to check out the fruits of its efforts at