Lady Gaga may be an eccentric figure in her music videos, but apparently a director wants to take her personality to the big screen. She is allegedly fielding offers to star in the sequel to Zoolander and the figures are reportedly at £3 million, or $4.8 million.

Justin Theroux has already written the script and he is also set to direct the sequel. Ben Stiller, who would take on his role again as Derek Zoolander, believes that Gaga “has the talent and attitude” to be his leading lady.

Gaga supposedly has agreed to play the love interest involving Stiller’s character Zoolander and his rival Hansel Macdonald who is played by Owen Wilson. If Gaga does turns down the offer, Stiller has already lined up plenty of alternative candidates. Kate Moss, Kate Upton, Heidi Klum, and Adriana Lima are all expected to audition for the film. 

[via Telegraph]