Iggy Azalea was first introduced to the 2Pac at the age of 13 when she overheard one of his songs coming from her next-door neighbor’s house in Australia. Since that moment, she’s been hooked on all-Pac-everything. Documentaries, albums, every single record he dropped—she even believed Pac was still alive.

“I get an influence from [2Pac] but I more appreciate him,” says the 22-year-old Grand Hustle-signee. “Everything subconsciously influences you but 2Pac influences me by being vulnerable in your music and be unapologetic about contradicting yourself. He showed he was human and people loved him.”

Right before the release of her new mixtape, Trapgold, Complex pulled Iggy away from packing up the stuff in her L.A. apartment to ask about her favorite 2Pac songs. Here are her top 10, ranked.

As told to Michael Nguyen (@xmikeynguyen)