Ypsilanti, Mich.'s own 14KT sees his great latest album get a makeover of sorts today with A Friendly (Vocal) Game of KT. As the title gives away, the now-shortened project features guest vocalists, namely lauded MCs like Skyzoo, Oddisee, and the members of the Black Opera.

KT even picks up the mic himself on the cinematic and lush "AsWe (Continue)," a heavy listen that chronicles his struggles with depression and eventual triumph through faith. Here's what he had to say about the track:

"This is the hardest song I've ever written. Since I haven't been rhyming consistently in years, it took me FOREVER (several weeks) to write this. However, I promised myself that I had to in order to fulfill my goal to be more personal and more vulnerable in my music. It took two takes to record. I hit the record button and recorded the first and second verse at the same time.

Although, I probably could have spit it better, I wasn't critical of it and just let the moment and emotion be what it was. Although there was much more I wanted to say, I wanted to give ya'll a timeline of what I had been dealing with in my life the last couple years.

I also wanted to use this record to put a spotlight on the topic of depression, which many people were going through or have gone through around me. Yet, through it all, I can say...as time keeps on changing, at times you will find it unkind when your life's rearranging, yet GOD is AMAZING. Much Love."

You can stream and/or download the entire EP for free below.

EP: 14KT A Friendly (Vocal) Game of KT [Download]