Date: June 2004

What Happened: Bang'em Smurf and 50 Cent were once close, but Bang'em Smurf claimed that their friendship turned sour after 50’s rise to fame. Their tension soon turned into hatred, capped off during Hot 97’s Summer Jam in 2004. 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew were on stage performing, and Bang'em Smurf, Domination, and Silver Back Guerilla crew showed up in the front row to taunt 50. That’s when chaos ensued.

50 and Lloyd Banks started throwing cash at Bang'em Smurf and 50 proceeded to throw water on him. This lead to Bang'em trying to jump over the barricade while his crew threw chairs at 50.

Former G-Unit DJ, DJ Whoo Kid, who was spinning during their performance, told MTV after seeing Bang'em Smurf and his crew show up in the front row, "I didn't even think that it would be that crazy."