In 2006, Cam’ron, the clown prince of absurd verses that somehow sell millions, put out his shaky fifth album Killa Season, which was launched via a beef with Jay-Z that announced at a press conference at which he pronounced he had pictures of Jigga wearing sandals.

Following this, he disappeared for three years, during which time even his Diplomats cronies abandoned him (you know the world is on its ass when Dipset's Jim Jones turns his back on Cam’ron). Then, in 2009, Cam suddenly popped back up with Crime Pays, which put him back on the map.

“Get It In Ohio” is an awesome drug rap exploring the ins and outs of acquiring product in the Rust Belt; definitely a new angle on well-worn territory (choice line: “Columbus to ‘Nati, them towns I raped ‘em/Few clowns was hating/Move my pounds to Dayton/And in Akron my niggas they would throw things/Not King James, these were coke kings”).

Even better, the brilliant “My Job” sees Cam rapping his first verse from the perspective of “the everyday working woman” and the second from the perspective of her deadbeat boyfriend. A platinum rapper had managed to cut a track entirely relatable to any working stiff—a rare feat.