Given the overwhelming amount of music that comes out every year, it’s no surprise that not every release hits its mark. More often than not, albums get rejected—shoved off toward dollar bins, used CD racks, and the dustiest corners of iPods and hard drives. That's not just a fate reserved for full-lengths from unknowns, either. It happens to music's superstars, too.

But such dismissals are not always just. Many unsung masterpieces get passed over upon first impression. This is usually because of fan indifference, poor critical reception, lack of record label support, bad timing, or some combination of all of those factors. It's the reason why certain records from artists as disparate as Cam'ron and The Beatles are still considered fails, even though they're actually pretty great.

It's time to correct some of those misconceptions. Here's a look at 50 Albums That Were Unfairly Hated On.

Written by Daniel Margolis

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