Sasha Go Hard: “I had met him in ‘09. He had hit me up on Twitter. At that time, I was going through a little situation. It was kind of hard for me to get what I needed to keep moving forward in the music scene: studio time, videos, beats, all that. So when he hit me up, I was like, ‘Let me see what he talking about. He probably got something.’ He hit me up like, ‘I got some cold beats I want to send you. Just check them out for me.’ And I had checked them out. I went to my e-mail immediately and listened to them. When I heard them I was like, ‘Man, these beats are raw.’ I instantly started writing to them. I’m like, ‘I gotta do something to these beats.’

“I really think that working with him was meant to be. [Laughs.] Because people flood my inbox trying to get me to listen to their beats and get on some beats. It was like perfect timing. He hit me up right at that point where I was going through all this stuff. I needed something, somebody to just push me. When he hit me up, I just instantly checked him out. I just fell in love with his work. I told him, ‘Man, this is some good luck or something.’

“I was kind of slowing down and it kind of stressed me out cause it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t do nothing about it. People weren’t really trying to help me or trying to use me to get something that I want. But at the time, I wasn’t really buzzing like I am now. So it was a lot of favoritism going on. I knew the type of person I was, you know, I wasn’t at the bottom, but I wasn’t buzzing, buzzing. Everybody was trying to work with whoever was buzzing.

“Listening to his beats motivated me. The first song wrote off his beat was “Why They Mad?” and everybody love that song now. I had the most fun on that song, I went extra hard on that. When I heard it, I’m like, ‘Man, I’m angry.’ I wasn’t angry but you know I just had a lot of stuff on my mind. ‘Man, I’m finna write to this beat.’ I wrote to it and it went from there.

“I really do want to [put out a mixtape], especially with him because I just want to show him that I’m thankful for him rocking with me. He’s real thankful for me working with him too cause a lot of people didn’t get a chance to. We made a real good connection with each other.”