Sasha Go Hard: “I was 17. I used to always rhyme and just play by saying stuff that rhymed. As I grew, I just kept doing it and my rhymes and words started getting better and better. I heard a beat-I forgot what beat it was-but I had wrote it to the beat and then after that I recorded it on my VoiceNotes.

“My friend was with me. She was telling me like, ‘Damn, this raw.’ And I just kept doing it. At the time when I first started, I wasn’t really serious like getting in the studio and doing videos. I wasn’t into all that. I didn’t know nothing about that. But I was just recording on my VoiceNotes on my phone. My friends were really feeling it.

“I didn’t like my voice at first. I was in school. I think I was in 6th, 7th or 8th grade. I used to be on the mic speaking in front of the whole school and I hated my voice. I did not want to talk. Like, ‘Ughh.’ [Laughs.] I couldn’t stand my voice. I was irritated by it.” [Laughs.]