Sasha Go Hard: I love my fan who tweets Rick Ross. I don’t know her but I can feel the realness coming from her. I had fans that made it seem that they my fans and they really wasn’t. She tweets everyday. I think today was the 16th day. She tweeted me today, “Day 16. I am not giving up until Rozay get in tune with Sasha. Please.”

"Everybody knows how I feel about Rick Ross. I’m love in with this man. Not in a relationship way, but I love his boss mentality. He go hard. His flow is different. He don’t care. He just do him. I’m like that too.

"I dream about being with MMG everyday. I could just see myself going hard on some stuff on the same type of level that they on. I dream about it. I know it will come true one day. It really is one of my goals. It will be a dream come true if he links up with me or get in tune with me. I would probably be the happiest female rapper in the world."