Sasha Go Hard: “I love Glory Girl mixtape because it kind of made people see me. It was the beginning of me and who I am. It was a start. My first mixtape I ever made. And I think a lot of people don’t pay attention to it right now cause when I drop that mixtape, it didn’t pop like Do You Know Who I Am? because one of the main reasons is the spotlight wasn’t on Chicago.

"When I did that, the people who knew Sasha Go Hard and the people who was getting in tune, they was in tune with it. But now, there’s way more people in tune with Sasha Go Hard and Do You Know Who I Am? mixtape. I really want people to get in tune with my Glory Girl mixtape because not just listen to new music but just to see the improvement. The growth that I had made from Glory Girl to Do You Know Who I Am? Just to see how things got better for me."