Sasha Go Hard: “I listened to Kanye West and his stories. I used to just see his story develop. The accident and his mother. I was in tune with him heavy, especially because he’s from Chicago.

“They mean a lot for the city because they made it for one. It’s just kind of cool to see somebody from your own city to just make it. It just let you know that you could do the same thing. No matter what it takes. Kanye West didn’t let the accident stop him. He just grinding and kept going. Me personally, that show me like, ‘Man, if they can do it, I can do it.’ That’s kind of motivation too.

“Looking at that, looking at his success, everything that he’s doing, it motivates me to just keep grinding. I want to have a lot of money. A whole bunch of money to show my peoples,my family,something we never got a chance of, you know, that we never seen yet. Just watching him go all the around world and do him that kind of motivates me to just keep going. Because I want to do that.

“I want to be the person who gives back to my family because it's something nobody else in my family is doing. I know that it would make my mother and my brothers and sisters so happy. To the point where it's not because of the money or because of the material things. Just to see somebody in our family just doing it big.

“I wasn’t always the type of girl who just sit around and don’t do nothing. By me seeing that I got something good going on, it's just pushes me to grind. A lot of people I don’t know is showing me major love. And it’s just like, ‘Man, I’m 20 years old and I’m already getting all this love.’ So just imagine when things start really popping for me. It’s just a happy feeling to have.”