How To Dress Well: “He’s done. He’s not making any music anymore. It’s just one person. When we were together in New York, hanging out, and then he moved to Germany for a little bit, and then he went to Japan for a minute. He was going to try and get into experimental music scenes there. He’s kind of a like a really fickle guy and he had a turn of heart and he was like ‘I wanna go to architecture school, fuck it. I’m done with music I don’t care anymore.’

“There was was like a lot of stuff where he was going to work on it and he didn’t, but I still put his name on it because I didn’t want to like—we were working on something together. He didn’t contribute to any of the songs on Love Remains.

“I had no plans [for me and Cokc Dokc to be a duo]. I was just fucking around. He had a real ear for heavy, power-electronic noise shit, and then I just became more and more invested in making music that’s above all else beautiful. And so I just moved away from doing super aggressive noise. Like banging your head on the speaker noise shit. Maybe I’ll do that again in the future, I don’t know. It’s just not where I’m at right now. It’s just much more sensitive and sentimental.”