Angel Haze: “Monte [Lipman, president of Universal Republic] came to my release party and they told me, ‘Monte wants you.’ I’m like okay, I'm gonna meet with everyone. So I met with every major label except for Interscope. We just all sat down and listened to everyone, and everyone pretty much said the same thing.

"My thing was that I wanted the greatest machine behind me. I didn’t want anyone who could do the job have to work extremely hard to do it. I wanted the passion and wanted the belief in my project and myself as a person.

“I chose Universal. I didn’t take any bids from anyone else. Like no other labels got to call me or anything like that. I decided who I wanted to go with and said, ‘Sorry guys, this is who I’m going with.’ Then I set up the deal with Universal and Island the way that I wanted to. I feel like I got a great team.

“Their numbers, their statistics, their success rate. I go off of numbers, I go off of proof. I don’t like when people talk to me. I want to see if what you say to me reflects through your work ethic and whatever you offer me. They’re really consistent, and I really like that.”