Angel Haze: “I was on a rooftop in Bushwick on Covert St. at a studio and I was like, ‘Man, what the fuck is this song gonna be about,’ and I go, ‘Sick bitch, chicken noodle soup face... Rooftop Brooklyn, made this shit in Covert.’ I’m like okay whatever.

"So I write the chorus, then I write the verses around it, and I go and lay it down and everybody’s like, ‘Holy shit. This shit is so hot.’ I’m like really. I was so nervous. I was like fuck this shit sucks. Whatever, it worked out.

“‘New York’ was actually the second-to-last song I recorded. My manager called me. I was in vacation and he goes, ‘Change of plans. We’re gonna put New York out first.’ I was like whatever you think is best. He’s like, ‘Okay.’ He put it it out and it was just wow. It was a great choice. Like a great introduction.

“I got Best Track of the Week or Day [Best New Music] nominee on PitchforkIt was amazing to me. I was the person who went from vying to be on Pitchfork to Pitchfork hosting my video, then every other website that I’ve ever wanted to be on is just throwing me up. So for me it’s amazing.

“I feel like I have the best fans in the world. They’re like incessantly supportive. I think I could probably put out a bad song and have them tell me it’s my best shit ever. So that kind of love is amazing and it’s profound. It’s biased, but amazing nonetheless... They’d go to war over me, legitimately. They’d go like, ‘Angel Haze is better than everyone. I hope you die.’ I’m like whoa, relax.”