Hudson Mohawke: "That one was actually the last one that we did. It was because the rest of the record was quite forward and aggressive so we wanted to have an intro track. That was one that Lunice had started. Then I ended up finishing it. It was something to have a different flavor that's not so energetic, in-your-face immediate. We wanted what was more atmospheric."

Lunice: "That was the only track that we worked on over the Internet. Over email. All the rest of the tracks were pretty much made while I was in a studio in London with him."

Hudson Mohawke: "It’s not really planned or anything like that. That’s the weird thing about the record. None of it was planned in advance. We never set out and said we need this or we need that. It all fell into place. This was the only one Lunice was saying that we wanted a different kind of flavor. It was literally back-to-back collaborative work and there was no great theory behind it."

Lunice: "Yeah, it was really an 'in the moment' kind of creativity in a way where it was like, ‘Oh shit, we got this idea going.’ We continue and continue and then halfway through the track we just stop right there and we worked on another track just in case. We just keep going on multiple ideas. Once you buy in on how many tracks you got and which ones you like the most, those ones we try to finish."

Hudson Mohawke: "Also, the main core idea of all of the tracks is really, really simple. So we just have one main idea in each track and focused on that and built everything around that. We didn’t get carried away and go in all sorts of different directions. It’s really, really like focused and simple."