Hudson Mohawke: "We had another track that sounded exactly like that one, and at the last moment; we weren’t able to put it on the record. [Laughs.] We tried to make another track which had the same energy, progression, and vibe. The original track was the one we did last summer when we made all the other tracks."

Lunice: "The track never even had a name."

Hudson Mohawke: "Yeah, exactly."

Lunice: "It still doesn’t. [Laughs.]"

Hudson Mohawke: "The vocal sample is from an old house record."

Lunice: "It’s sort of a long story why it couldn't go on the record. It’s for good reasons."

Hudson Mohawke: "Yeah, it was definitely gonna be on the record and it was last minute when we had to take it off the record. We decided that we had to build something in the same vibe. People were already reacting to it without knowing what it was, just because of the energy."