Date: 2004

Kanye West founded G.O.O.D Music in the Fall of 2004 in conjunction with Sony/BMG shortly after releasing his critically acclaimed debut The College Dropout. Ye’s ambition and hard work have always been a driving force behind his success as he progressed from producer to rapper to label head. Never one to shy away from challenges, Kanye has since courted some of the best rappers, producers and singers in music to create a creative force in the industry.

The name G.O.O.D. Music stands for “Getting Out Our Dreams,” but now, after eight strong years in the game, G.O.O.D. has become synonymous with innovation and achievement. The trio of Legend, Common and 'Ye were the inaugural members while GLC, Consequence and Mos Def soon followed. Legend said in this cover story, "I think that the three of us complement each other really well. With me as the singer and musician, Kanye as the singsongy rapper/producer with the overtly pop sensibility, and Common as, like, the old wise man."

Common elaborated on their relationship, saying, "Not only do I love Kanye creatively and as a brother, but we doing business with a vision." It was clear from Common's comments that this vision meant sacrificing for success. "I will be forever loyal to Kanye because I was in between labels when we started Be, and he produced the whole thing before he ever got a check."